What Women Wish Men Knew About Good Sex

Good sex and sexual satisfaction is an important part of maintaining a happy relationship. Unfortunately, it’s also something that many straight couples struggle with. In fact, a study published in Archives of Sexual Behaviour found that heterosexual women had the fewest ...

Posted By Harris O'Malley - Dr. NerdLove
24th July 2019 (Updated 15th October 2021)
Duration : 6 Minute Read
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I spent years pretending to be happy in my vanilla marriage. I can honestly say I gave it my all. But there was such a giant grand canyon sized hole in my needs being met. I’m Submissive it’s who I am, I was born this way to pretend otherwise is dangerous and detrimental ...

Posted By Bound Kitten
24th July 2019 (Updated 15th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 1968

Is there love in BDSM?

There are so many different dynamics within BDSM that there is no set in stone rules when it comes to actual love needing to be a part of it one way or another. Many have the desire to find a love match whereas many only seeking a play partner and nothing more. BDSM and the relationship ...

Posted By Harlow
30th July 2017 (Updated 16th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
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Dating & Cake

Men, I’m the women you admire from a distance. Not because I’m a super model, but because I’m the women who's beauty shines through my smile, my walk and my style. I’m smart, i self love and I’m evolving everyday. I’m the women you would love ...

Posted By Sully B
19th November 2015 (Updated 16th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 1611

How to lose the woman you love for good

1. Stop doing the little things like holding her hand and looking into her eyes. Women fall in love over the little things.Movies may lead us to believe that grand gestures are the way into a woman’s heart, but it’s the little things you do that sink a hook deep ...

Posted By Tamara Star
1st October 2015 (Updated 16th October 2021)
Duration : 5 Minute Read
Views : 1754 | Comments : 1

He wants anal - OMG - What do I do?

A follower, youhadthebest, asked the below question (variations of which I have been asked a few times). She graciously agreed to have our discussion published for the benefit of others.Her Question: My Dom wants to have anal. He mentioned it before and I’ve implied that ...

Posted By Knotty
8th April 2015 (Updated 16th October 2021)
Duration : 3 Minute Read
Views : 1931

A Beginners Guide to Anal Sex

Many people people wonder why a heterosexual couple would be interested in anal sex when there’s a perfectly good ‘playing ground’ out the front. Well, put simply it’s fun and feels good. But more importantly, for a relationship on the whole, it also builds ...

Posted By Sully B
23rd August 2013 (Updated 15th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 25372 | Comments : 5

5 'REAL' Ways to make your relationship better

All you need to do is a basic internet search & you will find things like '5 ways to spice up your sex life' or 'Hot tips for great sex" but really...its all the same. Same boring advice that you could have figured out for yourself anyway. And is it really the advice people ...

Posted By Sully B
2nd March 2013 (Updated 15th October 2021)
Duration : 5 Minute Read
Views : 3528

The benefits of using Sex Toys

Sex toys have been around for a long time. In fact, in the early 1900s, vibrators for women were advertised in the Sears & Roebuck as a “lady’s aid” for “female problems and relief.”Unfortunately, mainstream distribution of all sexually related ...

Posted By Sully B
1st March 2013 (Updated 16th October 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 4127 | Comments : 2
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