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He wants anal - OMG - What do I do?

He wants anal - OMG - What do I do?

A follower, youhadthebest, asked the below question (variations of which I have been asked a few times). She graciously agreed to have our discussion published for the benefit of others.
Her Question: My Dom wants to have anal. He mentioned it before and I’ve implied that I wasn’t really up for it never really directly stated it. He brought it up again just now and he talked about butt plugs I told him I’m scared to try it because of the pain and he said that if it’s done right then there won’t be that much pain. I’m still scared and I don’t think I want to try anything that has to do with anal what do I do

My Thoughts: On the topic of anal … There are a few thing occuring here … Let’s start with the easiest - anal itself … It can be either very pleasureable or painful. My lovely fuck Doll loves anal (probably more than I do). However, she studied and prepared for probably 6 months before her first anal experience. She read everything and practised herself all the fundamentals (things like cleansing, relaxing her ass - incidentally, same sensation as going to the washroom - during penetration) while masturbating. You are right. It can be painful and likely will be if you do not get involved actively in your own education and knowledge. He is also right - if done well (by both of you - mostly you), it is extremely pleasureable and opens all kinds of mutual fun.

The above is perhaps the most simple aspect of what you are asking. The more involved aspects have to do with boundaries, trust and the interplay of surrendering control, but doing so in a context where your needs, kinks, boundaries and desires are going to be not only respected, but deeply treasured and valued. The physical aspect of “playing near your edge” where things are a bit scary, but also exciting is probably the easiest part of experienes like this. The far harder part is knowing that you can trust him. The reality is that this is not true with some Doms. I don’t know yours or your history together, but I assure you, trust is not given by a Sub, it is earned by a Dom. You may want to read through the Q & A tab on my blog. There are a couple posts around this and my Doll has also written about anal.

Above all, I encourage you to be true to your best self - your beautiful, strong, sexy potential - the you which is both smart and courageous. This does not mean you should have anal nor does it mean you shouldn’t. It does mean though you should grow to be the most remarkable woman you can be. Do the reading, do the study, do the learning, demand the trustworthiness and provide your trust only in exchange.

You are NOT a worthless dirty fuck who should take whatever a guy might feel like giving you. You are a Sub - the most amazing, precious, remarkable creature any man can own. However, being this is not a “title” you put on. It is a woman you become - and that woman is a sex goddess … it does not just happen by laying there. It is an active effort on your part. Invest the effort. Be the stunning goddess gift to him (whether “him” is your current Dom or future Doms). The path will not be easy, but as you take it, you will become one of the tiny fraction of women who are the most precious and beautiful possession any man could ever crave - a SUB …

With Awe and Respect,


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