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To Love a Monster - Trauma Bonding

To Love a Monster - Trauma Bonding Yep, it’s real, and if you haven’t experienced it first hand you have no idea of its connection and power. I didn’t know about it until after my abusive relationship had ended and I started madly researching. I’ve read ...

Posted By Nivek
10th September 2017 (Updated 4th December 2021)
Duration : 8 Minute Read
Views : 4036

I am not a Title

Me: Thank you for allowing me to be me. I may not be the typical Domme, but I finally feel happy in my role in a relationship. I feel satisfied and full. Never am I left feeling like something is missing or wanting more. Slave: I don't think there is such a thing as a "typical ...

Posted By Sully B
10th March 2016 (Updated 4th December 2021)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 1938

Not all Submissives ARE Submissive

I asked a long-time fan of BB to write something for you all. He put himself out there to help any other Dom struggling with a sub who is not a sub. It shows that it's not only the submissive that get taken for a ride...Doms are just as vulnerable. He is a regular on this page ...

Posted By Sir Todd
27th February 2016 (Updated 4th December 2021)
Duration : 6 Minute Read
Views : 2979 | Comments : 2
enjoying the good life

BDSM the Beginning

So it begins. .you discover who you are, where do you go from there? My beginning was full of worry, fear, why was I like this was something wrong with me! Until I met Dom no 1 then I knew he brought me to life, every inch of me craved it I was one of the lucky ones. Its not ...

Posted By Karalyn Davis
1st February 2016 (Updated 2nd February 2016)
Duration : 2 Minute Read
Views : 2053
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