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Dating & Cake

Dating & Cake

Men, I’m the women you admire from a distance. Not because I’m a super model, but because I’m the women who's beauty shines through my smile, my walk and my style. I’m smart, i self love and I’m evolving everyday. I’m the women you would love to date.

But i will never date you or spend a minute thinking maybe his ok..NO!

Here's why.

I gave you the opportunity, my time (which is valuable to me) for coffee & cake date.

I don’t need your eyes undressing me within the first 5 minutes. Yes i have a beautiful body, but it belongs to me and always will (we are not in a relationship).

The Art Of Conversation…means communication.

When i ask you the question “Please tell me about You?”
I do not need to know you drive a fancy car or about your material stuff…its just stuff…this does not impress a woman of substance. Im in touch with whats important in life, i want to know what you live for...what makes you tick...what makes u smile...not your income!

As your eyes continue to undress me, and you become uncomfortable under the table because you cannot control your thoughts...this is not a complement to me.

Why do you feel you need to mention you love sex, that you require (need it) morning-afternoon-night…oh yeah… and maybe a late night snack. That's called fucking-humping. I’m not interested in fucking, anyone can fuck its boring, especially when your not in good shape…land let me remind you…my body is my temple, I take care of it and hopefully one day a gentleman will adore it too…not a boy still in the sandpit!

Im not a bitch!
I've worked hard on myself, i stepped up to be the best i can be. Yes i’m the women you want...but u can’t have me… ever!

Stop making a fool of yourself, your cock, fancy car, expensive dinners and random stuff will never win me over!!

Next time if a women is silent and eating all the cake and not sharing she is bored with your ego talk!!

Her silence is telling you to step up. Be a man that is willing to take action-courage to be more than your ego and fancy toys.

Amanda xx

I asked my friend Amanda to write something for you all. Although not BDSM related, this applies to the lifestyle dating scene as well.
I have spent a huge amount of time with Amanda and have been with her through her lowest point, to then see the confident woman she has become today. Once she would have dated these men because that is all she though she was worth, but through working on herself she now sees them for what they are. She no longer steps down to their level, but will expect a man to step up to hers. 
Now at no point when you read this think she is a self righteous bitch, because you could not be more wrong. She is one of the nicest human beings you will ever meet...this woman has finally got her self together and and expects nothing but the best in a partner.

Posted By Sully B

Updated : 16th October 2021 | Words : 524 | Views : 1574

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