I spent years pretending to be happy in my vanilla marriage. I can honestly say I gave it my all. But there was such a giant grand canyon sized hole in my needs being met.

I’m Submissive it’s who I am, I was born this way to pretend otherwise is dangerous and detrimental to both myself and any relationship that doesn’t contain D/s.

The opposite is also true. People who are Vanilla trying to be something they’re not. Trying to be D/s, not understanding the intricacies and the sheer importance of the dynamic…. they are dangerous not only to themselves but to others.

They are the people on here who argue with those who know the importance of protocols, expectations, acceptance, hierarchy, meta talks, safewords, pain scales.

They don’t get it, they think it’s a game, a sometimes. Well it’s not, it’s a Life, it’s always and it’s too precious and important to water down so those people can be comfortable.

Some believe that they are D/s they genuinely do, however scratch just below the surface… ask a couple of questions, point out some short comings, suggest that they are not doing or understanding… and watch them spit venom.

God forbid you post something they don’t agree with…. there’s no Grace, no acceptance, no that’s their right…. it’s a red rag to a bull…. a chance to attack and “prove they know better.”

A true Dominant is in control of his emotions with maybe the exception of needing to protect. A Submissive is a sponge someone who wants to learn. Someone who understands her place.

If you’re Vanilla stop pretending…. like me in my attempt to fit in your world… you will get hurt.

Credit: Bound Kitten

Posted By Sully on 24th July 2019

Updated : 24th July 2019 | Words : 287 | Views : 1088

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I spent years pretending to be happy in my vanilla marriage. I can honestly say I gave it my all. Bu . . .

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