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I am not a Title

I am not a Title

Me: Thank you for allowing me to be me. I may not be the typical Domme, but I finally feel happy in my role in a relationship. I feel satisfied and full. Never am I left feeling like something is missing or wanting more.

Slave: I don't think there is such a thing as a "typical domme" Mistress

Me: I'm not an overly domineering Domme. But I'm not submissive or switch. Perhaps a sensual Domme?

Slave: You're my Mistress, my Domme, and you are a person who is as varied as any other, which cannot be defined by one label.
At times you are sensual, at times you are domineering, at times you are motherly, at times you are cruel and sadistic.
You are you, Mistress, and I love and serve you unconditionally

Important reminder for myself.. I don't fit into a box and I don't have to. I am loved because of who I am.
I see a Domme as being loud, outgoing, commanding, and always domineering. I am none of those things. But that doesn't mean I'm not a Domme. I have tried to pretend to be those things and quite frankly I just end up with a headache.
Rather, I am shy in social settings. I am an introvert. I don't like to demand things of slaves. I am a lover and a nurturer. I like for slaves to be able to read me and understand my needs and be able to fill my wants and needs without having to constantly ask. I want to be so in tune with someone that no words need to ever be spoken.

I stepped away from the scene for a while now so that I could find myself. I thought I was still searching.. but apparently, i don't need to. I already have me. Maybe not me I was looking for, but apparently I have been looking for something that wasn't there.

I am not a title... I AM ME.

Posted By Sully B

Updated : 4th December 2021 | Words : 326 | Views : 1892

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