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Male Submission - Something not often talked about

Male Submission - Something not often talked about

This question gets asked time and time again (in one guise or another) in lifestyle forums. What are Dominants looking for? Is x, y or z a desirable trait in a submissive? How can I make myself more desirable or appealing to a Dominant? Do dominant women like this, that or the other thing? Unfortunately, there is no one set of ideal submissive traits that can be emulated. Indeed, if you ask these questions of twenty different Dominas, you’ll get at least twenty different answers. Each Dominant has her own idea of what makes a perfect submissive or slave. Some like youth and physical fitness, others like maturity and experience, tall or short, eloquent or not-so-much, pain slut or light-weight, sissy or not, emotive or the strong/silent type… well, as you can imagine, that list goes on and on. 

The problem is that too many (prospective) submissives get bogged down in trivial matters when they should be focusing on simple truth and sincerity.

There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the male submissive..When women are portrayed as submissive in popular media, the reaction broadly seems to be either "that’s hot" or "that’s offensive." When men are portrayed as submissive, the reaction is more likely to be one of pity or derision..some Men Dominant or vanilla find it hard to watch another man being Dominated, because they feel the male submissive was letting their side down so to speak.

The tendency to see a man being Dominated by a woman as a jokeworthy subject implies at best a discomfort with a man being submissive, and at worst, such a strong refusal to believe women can truly have any power over men that any scenario depicting this must be comical or unrealistic. The discomfort with men being submissive is often reflected by a prurient media that loves to know the filthy details of any kinkster’s activity just so it can disapprove of them. 

Perhaps the tendency to trivialize female Domination comes from the need to reassure oneself that male submission is not "real," and therefore not a threat to men's sense of their own power. The ongoing association of submissive behaviours with femininity, and femininity itself being seen as a demeaning state, is troubling for us all. It can’t just be that masochism is considered unmanly—after all, inviting and enduring huge amounts of pain in the boxing ring, the football field, or in war are viewed as extremely masculine are they not?

There is NOTHING wrong...demeaning nor strange with a man being a submissive...male and female submission should be both viewed wonderful and precious. Male submission does Not mean the man is a weak individual or a freak...he is just as strong as a female submissive...either way we both give our hearts, minds, bodies and souls to another for them to love, cherish and care for do we not?

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