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I am a Dom not a ...

I am a Dom not a ...

This is for all the women on this site who don't know the true definition of a Dom...Enjoy.

Your numerous pics of your cleavage, vagina and various body parts do nothing for me.
I am a Dom not a kinkster. I would rather see your smile.

Showing pictures of you in sexual acts with multiple men do nothing for me.
I am a Dom not a gang banger. I'm more interested in your relationship style.

Talking about how much of a bitch you are and what not to do or how not to approach you on your profile will not attract me.
I am a Dom not a sub. I'd like to know what you bring to the table.

Me talking about how I can take care of you is not bragging.
Why, because I am a Dom not a perpetrator. I am able.

You telling me about wanting to be with multiple men does not excite me, nor does it make me want to round up a group of friends for you.
I am a Dom not a swinger.

You telling me you want to bring me multiple women does not excite me.
I told you I am a Dom not a swinger and contrary to popular belief, not all men want multiple women either.

Instead of concentrating on the sexual aspect of our relationship
Work with me to improve the dynamics of our friendship.
I have said before I don't allow women to use their cleavage as leverage
So hang them in my face all you want, that will not influence me to buy you a beverage.
You may see me with an older, unattractive, or overweight female that may not pass visual inspection.
However she has with me what you don't have and that would be a connection.

I am not focused primarily on our interaction in the bedroom as that is not where our interaction will stop.
I am a Dom and for that type of interaction, you'll need to see a top.

I do not know everything, I am still learning, I will make mistakes, please forgive me but I will do my best to take care of you and learn faster.
I am ONLY a Dom, NOT a Master.

Posted with approval from the author. Credit must remain in tact.

Posted By Damolisha

Updated : 16th October 2021 | Words : 364 | Views : 1704

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