The Reponsibilties of a Submissive

The Reponsibilties of a Submissive

Spend adequate time exploring yourself, your needs and desires.

Educate yourself - make the most of the resources that are available, but don't believe everything you hear or read. Trust reputable sources, but make your own mind up about what is the truth.

Learn what your needs, desires and goal are; define them adequately. Make a list.

Learn the difference between what you need and what you desire. Sometimes you cannot have both.

Learn and understand your limitations, in depth.

Learn the safety issues of all areas of your interest. Protect yourself adequately.

Remember you have the right to "ask".

Remember common sense, and use it.

Remember the choice to submit is not a sign of weakness it is an adult choice.

Be aware of the difference between safe, sane and consensual BDSM and abuse. Do not suffer abuse from anyone. If it is not consensual on behalf of both parties part it is abuse.

Learn how to negotiate. Don't be afraid to ask, question and communicate.

Understand and incorporate the full meaning of safe, sane and consensual.

Continue to learn and grow.

Seek advice or assistance when you need it.

Own your feelings.

Be honest with yourself.

Respect yourself and be respectful of others who deserve of it.

Recognize that your submission is given freely and that it is not something to be taken by force. Choose wisely to whom you give.

Be patient. Growth takes time.

Accept responsibility for your own happiness and welfare.

Allow yourself adequate time for healing when you have been hurt.

Balance your submission with the other areas of your life.

Remember that you have the right to say "No".

Never let anyone take your self-dignity away.

Like yourself, love yourself, be your own best friend.

Remember others also have agendas and they may not be the same as yours.

Don't allow yourself to be used, unless of course, that is part of your kink.

Be careful what you wish may just get it.

Communicate your needs to your partner, ask for what you desire (do not demand or expect).

Because you choose to submit to a partner does not mean you are submissive to anyone else.

Communicate your limits to your partner. Expect them to be respected.

Refuse to participate in any activity outside of your limits or that you are not ready for.

Negotiate with complete honesty and embracing the concepts of safe, sane and consensual.

Accept your partner’s limits. (Yes, Dominants have limits too.) They also have the right to say "No".

Communicate your feelings without blame or guilt.

Be as interested in what your partner feels and says as you are in yourself.

Remember that you and your partner are human and entitled to understanding, compassion and support.

Refuse to allow yourself to be abused, be it emotionally, physically, or psychologically.

Forgive yourself and your partner for mistakes.

Ask your partner for help when you need it.

Expect respect from your partner.

Respect your partner.

Be appreciative of the gift of Domination that your partner gives to you.

Take pride and strive for excellence in your submission as you do in everyday life.

Continue to grow and learn.

Take pride in your appearance.

It is your responsibility to be of good health and to advise your partner of any change in that regard.

Listen to your partner and His/Her needs and desires.

Be willing to consider, with an open mind, what your partner suggests or requests.

Understand that it takes two to make a partnership work. Be willing to accept your share of the blame when things go wrong.

Remember that before D/s, basic humanness comes first. Know when it is time to set aside D/s and be a helper, friend, lover, husband, mother, wife or whatever.

Have realistic expectations of your partner and yourself.

Be patient.

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