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Things an insecure Dom will say

Things an insecure Dom will say

Things an insecure Dom will say that will turn even a Good Girl submissive into a Brat asking, "What the fuck?"

More so than any toy you can pull out of your bag, more important than any technical skill you'll pick up, confidence is what separates the ones who can Dominate from someone trying to Dom.

Here's a few things that an insecure Dom will say that will leave a submissive dryer than a desert :

° Do you think it would be possible if you could get naked now, that would really help. Oh my god, your boobies are incredible!

° Kneel....... Please?

° Oh shit! Oh shit! I don't think the rope is supposed to be doing this, during a suspension. Don't worry though. Oh shit, oh shit!

° I'm going to fucking hurt you.... If that's okay with you of course.

° Suck my cock you dirty fucking whore. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I get excited during sex, I didn't mean to call you a whore, I mean, I did mean too, but I shouldn't have, I totally respect you, I mean it. Oh, it's okay to say that during play?.... Thanks Whore.... Oh, that was awkward.

° You will listen!... If you want to of course, I mean it's not like I'm going to force you to do anything you don't want to. I know we already negotiated everything, it's just important for me that you know you can just stop this anytime and that this is just make believe.

Hey, where are you going????

You can have the toughest handcuffs ever made, but nothing will bind your submissive more so than your confidence shining through. You can hit her as hard as you want with a flogger, but nothing will train her to submit to your will like your natural Dominant energy that will focus her desires. Remember Domination is something you do, being a Dom is something you are and confidence will make both those things a reality.

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