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It is important to ensure that punishments not only warrant the infraction but also are handled ASAP. Letting punishments go and addressing them even a week after is not good for a healthy D/s relationship.

The submissive should not have to remind their Dominant of a punishment being owed. This kind of defeats the purpose for us as we are wanting our D type to lead, coach and guide us, NOT the other way around. If a submissive has to wait for a punishment it will create a sense of not being “cared” for and will lead to the submissive possibly acting out in order to see if their Dominant is going to pay attention to them and DO something about it. If a sub has to act out to see if you’re going to hold them accountable and you do not show them you WILL do as you say you will then you need to reevaluate yourself as this is something you are failing in, not your sub.

The Dominant needs to really be mindful of clearly addressing the infraction and dole out the proper punishment as soon as possible. Ensuring that the least possible amount of time goes by so it is still fresh not only in your mind but also in your subs mind too. This will also prevent you from having more than one punishment to deal with as it is not beneficial to let punishments stack up and will only create confusion as well as it will not allow your sub to properly reflect on each infraction.

Once the punishment has been dealt with all is to be forgiven and forgotten and should never keep bringing it up or holding it against your submissive. Clean the slate and move forward. Make sure you don’t forget Aftercare as this is also essential for us.

~Harlow 5/16/15 BDSM Submissive Sensual Desires

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