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Dominant’s are human

Dominant’s are human

For those that are new to this lifestyle I want to point out something to you all which I see day in day out that is yet another misconception out there and that is Dominant’s being viewed as “superior beings” superior in the sense that they are perfect, can do no wrong and or should be excused from taking any sort of accountability for things going wrong or for them doing wrong.

A Dominant is a normal person just like any other. They do not have “super powers” nor are they to be above reproach. A good Dominant knows that they are imperfect and will be open to their mistakes, accepting fault and working on themselves as well to improve in the area’s where they need to do so. Dominant’s should lead by example and by doing so and showing that they are human too, leads to our trust in them and to WANT to give up our control to them because they are responsible enough to trust in them completely knowing we will be safe and cared for not just dictated to.

Always remember a Dominant should put your wants, needs, expectations, feelings etc first just as we as submissive’s should put our Dominant’s first. That is what the power exchange is about, it is a give and take NOT just take from either side.

~Harlow 5/7/15 BDSM Submissive Sensual Desires

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