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Boy, you claim to be a Master/Dom?

Boy, you claim to be a Master/Dom?

True mastery is not mastering someone else. Any idiot with a strong will can dominate someone with a weaker will. True mastery is mastering oneself, in all aspects, and then guiding, not forcing, but guiding someone into full submission, so that that person longs for it wholeheartedly, do it so wholeheartedly and shattering, that you become her existence not by force, but her choice.

How do you claim to be a Master/Dom, when all you have mastered is the art of being a potty mouthed little idiot who doesn't know the beginning of his own stupidity from the end of his dick?

You simply don't go up to any woman and say "I am a master".

1) You're not
2)you'll get laughed at
3)You mastered the art of idiocy and ill mannered intention

You don't force submission on any woman. If she is unclaimed (unpartnered), then by all means, talk to her first. She might be a sub/slave, but inherently she is still a woman and would like to be given a choice. It's her choice to who she wants to submit to. She have that right, you know? Because subs and slaves are also people. Oh right, you didn't know that? You just saw the title and thought, "quick shag"?

Wrong. You can only master yourself at first, and then coax, and guide a potential sub into fully submitting herself to you. Its like a game. You seduce her with your dominance, you make her want your particular brand of what you have to offer, since it differs from person to person.

You DON'T go about it saying " I Am master, I will fuck your brains out tonight and you will take it"

That dear boy, is totally wrong. Master yourself first. Emotional turmoil, calm down, deal with your inner feelings and battle your demons (or, if you wish, debate with them and get them on your side, it works, trust me)
Master the art of being social, of being regarded as someone with potential value in someone else's life. Make it worth it for the person you are pursuing. Show her what she is missing (NO. NOT your dick dipshit) Show her you are a person that consist of a mind, not just some little sausage hanging between your legs. You, as a potential master, should learn to deal with yourself first before you can master someone else.

Yes, we are all human. Deal with it. We all have desires and fantasies. And yes, FET is filled with delicious looking ladies. But respect them (I will try to drill it into you, because its of the utmost importance), respect their status (married, engaged, partnered, whatever the case may be), respect their rules, and you already made a small step in becoming a master. Because you show respect.

Being a Master is not about having a slave or ten. Its not even being about having the chance to order people around, or have sex with them. Its about respect, giving another person the chance to trust you, learn from you, to guide that person who entrusted you with her submission. Its about helping them grow in themselves, learning more about themselves, their likes and dislikes. Even Masters learn from their subs/slaves. Someone said it very very good the other day. It consist of something like this (I cant remember for the life of me who wrote it on Fet) its "master AND slave". Now, how do you expect a slave to serve and obey you, if you cant teach her wrong from right? If you dont know the basics of being respectful and trustworthy? If you cant even greet properly?

Being a master or dom is not simply attaching the title to your name and "whoop" youve become a master. No, the responsibility going with it is immense. Because now, dear boy, you are responsible for you AND her. She is in a manner (if she isnt really) like your wife. You grow with her. As a master, see things out of your own eyes, and hers.

Master yourself first, through whatever means you can, before trying to master someone else. Because if you dont do it right, youve screwed it up for both of you. Most of all know this Master isnt ALWAYS right. He is human as well and can make mistakes, and absolutely must ask questions on how to better himself and her. Then you can start following the path of becoming a master.

(Im giving credit in this where its due. In my time here on Fet, I have learned a lot from various people, but especially Freewine, and TigerNintails. They have become my unofficial mentors, and assisted me with a lot of answers, and even today, I ask them what I dont know.)

Written by DarkSeraphim
Posted with permission.

Posted By DarkSeraphim

Updated : 16th October 2021 | Words : 788 | Views : 1448

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