Don't Forget Your Role

Don't Forget Your Role

There are many different roles/labels within submission. You may identify with Little's, pet's, middle's, brat's, sissy's, etc, however, it is important to not lose sight of the fact that all those are still submissive roles.

Many do not know or understand that even though you may be a little, you are still a submissive none the less and as submissives, our main desire is to submit ourselves to our Dominant, abide by them, respect them, serve them and put their needs before our own. That is what submission is about.

Just because you're a brat, little, etc does not give you a pass to get away with behaviors that go against the core of what submission is all about. Your devotion and respect to your Dominant should always be present in your mind. Topping from the bottom is never acceptable, if you find yourself doing this most often than not, then you need to reevaluate where exactly you really want to be within this lifestyle.

For those that do not know what “Topping from the bottom” is, here is the definition of it: a person who attempts to manipulate by misbehaving in order to gain attention, have their way/needs met, or to get punished.

Perhaps you are trying to push yourself into being submissive when you're really wanting something else. Perhaps you're only wanting to submit in the bedroom and that's OK but be honest with yourself as well as your Dominant so you can both be on the same page and alleviate mixed signals or feelings of failure on either part.

~Harlow 5/6/15 (revised 2/4/16) BDSM Submissive Sensual Desires

Posted By Harlow

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