Daddy Doms Explained

Daddy Doms Explained

A Daddy Dom is a slight variation from a traditional dominant in a dominant/submissive relationship in that they must consider their subs inner child dynamic. 

A typical top/bottom or dom/sub relationship has is based upon a relationship in which the sub will give total control and decision-making to their dominant. 

There are a huge number of scenarios that can play out in these relationships, but in most of them, the submissive will ask for a variety of controls, punishments, rewards, and work at the beck and call of their master. There can be BDSM, service, humiliation, and degradation that goes along with these typical relationships. Daddy Doms have a similar role with their “baby girls” or “l’ils” with some twists. Daddy Doms are usually in full control of their li’l, but also have to take care of the social and emotional well-being of their baby girl since their sub is in a slightly different mind space than traditional subs. Daddy Doms will work within a series of rewards, rules, disciplines, and consequences with the mindset of their li’l considered. 

A typical Dominant will defer to typical BDSM punishments, bondage, paddles, humiliation, etc. Many of these punishments will not work with a li’l and often times will only aggravate the situation. 

We will be putting together an article in the future on li’l specific punishments. Another significant indication of a Daddy Dom is that they will spoil the heck out of their li’l. While this should be the expectation of everyone in a relationship, this is usually taken over-board in by Daddy-Doms. Daddy’s will know exactly what their li’ls love, and will provide surprises and presents on a pretty regular basis. (Just like fathers do with their children). Oftentimes these rewards are things that kids love, Teddy Bears, Pajamas, Pretty Candy, and Toys.

Another one of the most identifying characteristics of a Daddy Dom is the close oversight over their li’l in most aspects of their life. They are their protector and will keep their li’l out of trouble. They will often provide oversight of friendships and social encounters. They will also be somewhat possessive and ensure that their li’l are protected from the evils of the world. In my case, I will also help facilitate things like “play dates” and make sure that my li’l gets along with her friends. It is common for li’ls to be very jealous of other girls around their Daddy’s and they will act out in a variety of ways. Daddies need to make it very clear to their li’ls how important they are to them and must earn the trust of their partners.


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