Training For The Modern Master

Training For The Modern Master

Let me list some ideas I use to manage a 24/7 LifeStyle. These are things that I have picked up along the way to provide me with a stable and safe environment.

When I started into LifeStyle it was very clear to me that I needed some way to achieve my desires and supply for my basic needs. I needed a 24/7 slave that was not just my lover but also my friend and a thinking pet all rolled into one nice neat package. I craved the power exchange, the feeling deep in your soul at the moment your slave gives all to you.

As I designed my life it was apparent that I needed not just a naked slave sitting on a mat beside me. It seemed silly to not have this slave available to me all the time. That meant on my lap, in my arms, at my feet, at any place I should want her to be.

Next, I considered the idea of having a slave sleeping at the foot of the bed. I had to wonder about the purpose of this. Was this not a form of self-inflicted punishment? Why would I not have that soft gentle creature beside me in my bed, after all I was the Master. After all it's my pleasure we are supposed to be trying to heighten. I want to have the touch from her. I want her showing her affection and devotion to our goals 24/7. I want someone I can talk with. I want to share my dreams. I want my other half, the part of me I have sought all my life. Yes, I said part of me. A Master isn't a Master if he has no slave. Just as a slave isn't a slave without a Master. They do not exist without the other. I sought the opinions of other more experienced Master's. I sought advice from slaves. What I found was many people were living by what they considered to be "THE RULES" that were not content in the life they had chosen.

My journey through LifeStyle and my communication with other active individuals helped me find ways to make a 24/7 Master/slave relationship work. I hope my ideas and experiences will help those of you who visit here. Your comments, experiences and ideas are always welcome. It is my hope to make this area a comprehensive training center. Naturally, some things I use to provide for my needs will not work for you. For that reason, I will be allowing others to use this forum to teach from their past experience. However, don't expect to be able to submit theory, we want to know what works for you and why. If you are only interested in pounding your chest and claiming to be the ONLY ONE who knows the ONLY WAY, it's time to build your own site. If you merely wish to tell us what is wrong or doesn't work don't expect to use this forum either. It is easy to point out what failed.

First, I felt that the standard collar was way too limited in its scope. Instead of some piece of jewelry or dog collar (Den says yuk) I started making my slave wear bra and panties. These have been purchased by me and must be worn at all times. If we are out in public I can simply run my fingers over her bra strap to remind her that she belongs to me completely. In order for this to have the desired effect it must be reinforced with some protocols in private. She knows that if I run my fingers in an inconspicuous area and make her look into my eyes, she immediately knows she is headed down a path that will lead to her punishment. If I touch another area soothingly it allows her to know that I am being protective and concerned. In this she finds comfort, in the other she feels me warn her. It is simple to establish and maintain this deep level of communication with practice and consistency. With this type of system in place there was no need to continue the same rigid LifeStyle protocols to make her constantly aware of my dominance.

Next I had to get rid of her calling me Master or Sir in public. She uses my full given name. Each time she says it, it reinforces that I am her only Master. Each time she hears my name it now means Master to her. Can you tell the difference in her voice when she uses my name? Absolutely, there is a reverence in her tone that I have never heard even with the use of labels such as Sir or Master. When we spend time with vanillas she will periodically call get a twinkle in her eye and call me by a military rank. I could choose to punish for her "lippyness" yet if you understand that she uses it from love and respect and yes, of course with a bit of mischief, it does make it endearing. It is her way of comforting herself with my control. Yes, sometimes slaves need a verbal form of pacification.

The last radical change I made was not allowing her to address another with the reverence implied by calling them Sir or Master. That level of respect is earned and I make the ultimate decision who she may call by those titles. My slave is MY PROPERTY. No one may hold any dominion over my property but me. She may call another by their full given name until told to do otherwise by me. Let's examine this a bit further. If your slave is trotting about a LifeStyle environment calling every one Master does it not weaken your ability to completely possess this lovely creature? Do you seriously believe that if she is a well trained slave that others will not want to take advantage of her submission? Think again, there are more Masters out there than true slaves. If you understand that slaves are basically wired differently. They accept so easily bullshit as truth. It is one of the first things you must protect your slave from, her own trusting nature!

Can you name 3 true slaves that have not made a disaster of relationships because they will believe with a faith we can never understand. That makes them ripe for others to control and take advantage. Den's life was built on the premise that truth and facts get in the way of her instincts! Trust me on this, her instincts suck. Well, enough of that frustration. If you understand that one of your major responsibilities in ownership is protection, don't let your slave give reverence to someone that may not be deserving. It will come back to bite you. If you determine the other is trustworthy then you can allow your slave to call another Sir or Master. OK, this is difficult in some organizations and will need a quick explanation from you. Although that has irritated some it has made sense to others.

We now have the beginning of the way I go out in public with my pet. In this way we can maintain our relationship exactly as it is at home. Here are some other things I use to make our life truly 24/7. My slave wears dresses at all times in a dress to allow access to what ever I desire, she is always wearing her collar (bra and panties). She does not need the actual lead to remind her who owns her. She calls me by my full given name and refers to no other as Sir or Master unless told to do so by me. She stay right at my side in public unless told to do otherwise. I have yet to have her wander off even at the grocery store. If I hold my hand out she takes it immediately. In doing so I warn her that she has wandered too far. I do want a thinking pet so we had to find ways to communicate in public without me having to assert any dominance overtly. Prior to our outings we discuss where we are going, what we are doing and why. She knows what to expect and my touch keeps her focussed.

We handle things much the same way when we are apart. My thinking pet keeps a job outside the home. I maintain my dominion in subtle ways even when she is away from me. This is easily done without tipping off the world that our relationship is "different". Should things arise when we are not together she contacts me. She doesn't say "I will have to check with Master". She says she has to check and make sure it does not interfere with plans that I have already made. She looses no power to her employer by saying this. I remain the final say in what she agrees to do. Now, I don't have to check in on her at work or interfere with her daily routine.

Well, we covered the ways to maintain control and protocol. It seems pretty tame and easy to manage doesn't it? Now on to the fun stuff. Life is not all about rules and protocol. Some of life is about fun and keeping your slave "off balance". I have always felt it important that a slave never know what I might be capable of doing or when I might do it! Here is a way that is fun to play with your slave. A vibrating egg with control strapped to the inside of her thigh is a great way to go shopping. You can hug and sit and accidentally set it to high so that she will enjoy wandering (wandering is acceptable at this time as it is sooo cute to watch) through the bookstore or sitting quietly waiting for your return. You do need to keep at least one eye on her unless you like the scene in "When Harry Met Sally". There are so many ways to do that, plugs held in by tight panties for travel (chances are you will hear "Can I cum yet" before your hear "Are we there yet"). Try clamps here and there for when you are sitting and watching a movie (for this have her wear a loose fitting dress, adjustments may be needed at appropriate intervals). Use your imagination and send us your creative ideas.

Control is another area that should be discussed at this point. If you want your pets undivided attention I think I have found just the way to make sure SHE IS LISTENING! When I want to communicate with my slave and let her know that it is important I have found that she readily answers any questions I might pose quickly and very honestly if I ask my questions just before she is ready to have an orgasm. Naturally, to ask my question and wait for her answer I have to stop what I am doing and devote my attention to her response. Pets become so compliant and easy to get along with when I communicate in this manner. It is fun to bring to just to the brink over and over again stopping short just long enough each time to ensure we have total agreement. When we have finally achieved complete and absolute agreement I allow her to go over the brink and orgasm. She cums at that point with an intensity that makes the San Francisco earthquake feel like a ride at the fair. This is a great warm up for any session involving whips. (See whips how to make if you cant afford the ones today) You have her body on fire at this point be careful because the intensity of anything that follows will be unlike anything either of you may have experienced before.

Control is earned. Even with an experienced slave you must earn and strive to keep that control so your bag of tricks should be fairly extensive. You have no doubt heard much about controlling your slaves orgasms. Some Masters believe that to do this they must control the masturbation of their slave. My thought is that if you train her to cum to your voice you do not have to tell her when to masturbate or not masturbate. If she gets to the point that she can only achieve orgasm when you tell her to cum, then she has no need for masturbation. You can stand in the middle of K-Mart and whisper into her ear and watch as the shuddering of her orgasm over takes her. Is there any doubt in her mind at that moment who is in control? NO

Finally, let's discuss Body Memory it is a tool you can also use. Body Memory is just as it sounds. Your slaves body has the power to retain previous events. When triggered later the body will react in a predictable manner in conjunction with that memory. Very few slaves are NOT multi-orgasmic. For example: push your slave to orgasm over and over again. How many times can your slave physically have an orgasm? Chances are she has no idea and that pushing will keep her from being able to count. Push her through one orgasm after another until she is close to passing out. During the few seconds between being out and with you again rub the inside of her elbow or whisper a certain phrase...something inconspicuous and easy to do in public. Anytime you choose she can go back to point in time, her body will remember. Her whole being will return to that very moment. This level of control must be attained slowly, and your slave must be taken to that point of utter control with caring and patience. Making her repeatedly cum will not get there and trust me it becomes boring.

Over time and with each level you pass her orgasms will become more intense. This cannot usually be accomplished in one session. If you bring her to orgasm repeatedly until she begins to tell you she can't go further, until she begs for no more, you attain the pinnacle of true control. You can at that time show exactly who's body she is taking caring for. The body is no longer in her control. It now responds to you in ways she never imagined. If she can't control it any more then we know who is in control. Many try to use whipping or flogging to assert control. If you whip her until she cant stand it and then continue all you have proven is she has stamina. s. If you make her cum until she believes she can go no further then make her cum while she is saying she can't you show her in a nonviolent way that you are in control. Now she knows for certain you will be the one to show her a path to a new high and a new world. Then lock it completely in her memory. Hold her tight as her body shakes and quivers. Whisper gently and regulate her breathing telling her when to inhale and slowly exhale. Slow her down with affection and love (Important note, At the times a slave feels they are in uncharted areas it is important to know that a loving Master is in control). If you handle it in this manner she knows that you are not only there to take control, but that control is earned and respected, and nothing for her to fear as she is loved.

Now you have gained a loving slave. She is bound to you by heart and soul and not just by a printed contract. Her future actions are her own. You will not need to tell her what you require, she will WANT to hold you and comfort you in every way. You will find her seeking new ways to serve you. Chances are you will find her rubbing your back, feet or just making sure your coffee cup is full. She will find joy in making certain your needs are met and your desires will never go unanswered. If you are fortunate enough, you will hear her say "there is nothing i would deny you, Master". Look in her eyes and see that she means it with all of her heart.

Author: Michael Krause ©

Author Web Site: Passion Wolf. Com

Posted By Michael Krause

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