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Sex is a deep, powerful and emotional issue. It has been researched, documented, televised and put on show for all to see for generations. Yet people are still as confused as ever.

BDSM is on the other hand is steeped in mystery and intrigue. But it too is as old as time itself. Drawings from Ancient Rome dated around the 9th Century B.C. have been discovered in tombs that depict a woman pleasuring a man while another man both whips and excites her. Around the same time in India the oldest writings on sex known to man the Kama  Sutra was born.  It too refers to biting, scratching, marking and spanking your lover during lovemaking.

BDSM was originally known as sadomasochism. Trouble with that tag is that all people that were involved in the activity were not sadomasichists. So the term BDSM came about - Bondage & Discipline (BD), Dominance & Submission (DS) and Sadomasochism (SM). People within the new realm became know as a Dominant or Submissive, a Top or a Bottom or may even be a Switch. Safe Words were incorporated and personal Boundaries were pushed. In fact a whole glossary of terms was created, books were written and a lifestyle was embraced.

Wherever you fit in, whatever your kink or even if you're just curious (and want to keep your distance), check in to the Beautifully Bound blog regularly and keep up to date with what's new and what people are doing with that rope behind closed doors.

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Daddy Doms and Littles

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Community Submission

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Sully's Thoughts

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BDSM Safety

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New to the LS

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The Old Ways

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