Some Reasons People like Needle Play

Some Reasons People like Needle Play

There’s been some interest expressed in having a post on what people find interesting/appealing about Needle play. I’ve taught Needle play 101, sadistic Needle play, needle CBT, needle predicament bondage, and using needles for magic & energy work, at some of the top events in the US as well as on, so I felt comfortable answering this one. 

The list below is not intended to be every reason folk might like Needle play, and I’ve never met someone who liked it for all of the reasons listed.
Note: Some of these reasons apply more to the top, some more to the bottom.
• Sensation – Needle play provides not only a unique sensation but offers an immense range of sensations. I can pierce someone with a very small gauge needle (27 – 30g) with next to no sensation, or I can go larger (18 – 16g) and draw from a wide range of sadistic twists, resulting in some of the most intense sensations available anywhere in the BDSM world. For the record, many of my scenes go somewhere in between, and my most commonly used needle sizes are 22g & 18g.

• Penetration Play – There is something incredibly erotic in penetrating/being penetrated bodily in holes that didn’t exist a moment before, and whose only purpose is the excitement and enjoyment of the people involved in the scene.

• Blood – Needle play doesn’t always involve much shedding of blood, but as a rule, you get pieced, you’re going to bleed, and of course there are techniques for increasing how much a bottom bleeds. Some people enjoy Needle play because they enjoy making someone bleed/being made to bleed, and the needles themselves are a means to an end.

• D/s – For many people, there is a powerful D/s dynamic involved in engaging in Needle play with someone. Submitting to another and letting them violate your body in such intense and intimate ways is a powerful act (see: penetration play). The exchange of trust is also central to the experience. The bottom is trusting the top to safely do play that is not only risky, but requires a high degree of skill and training to be done properly, while the top is trusting the bottom not only to hold still (very few people do Needle play with restrained bottoms in my experience), but also to communicate their needs, internal state, and medical history, not to mention not to report them for what nearly every jurisdiction would consider being assault with a dangerous weapon (in this it is much like other BDSM techniques) or practicing medicine without a license.

• Phobia – Playing with our fears is a tantalizing and thrilling form of edge play. It is not uncommon to see people drawn to Needle play because of their fear of needles or bad medical experiences. One of the most intense needle scenes I ever saw involved a bottom simply getting to where they could be in the presence of a needle out of its packaging.

• Medical Fetishism – There is a lot of medical trappings involved in doing Needle play properly, from surgical skin preparations (why you shouldn’t use isopropyl alcohol for play piercing is a whole other post), to sterilely packaging hypodermic needles (not sewing needles for gods’ sake), very frequent changes of latex or nitrile exam gloves, sterilely package gauze and bandages, stretcher sheets or chucks to protect surfaces, hospital-grade disinfectant for cleaning all non-porous surfaces afterward, and of course, the bright red of the sharps box. For many people, all these factors make Needle play as much about medical fetishism as about the sensation of the play itself, and I’ve heard of people who take Needle play way beyond the above list of necessary tools, to include other medical fetish tools such as O2 sat monitors, hospital-surplus tables, *sterile* gloves, and more.

• Artistry – Although my scenes and layouts can be lovely, I am not at heart an artistic Needle play. However, I have immense respect for my friends and colleagues who are, and some of the work I’ve seen is staggeringly beautiful. There are both tops and bottoms who enjoy Needle play primarily as an opportunity for beauty and adornment, rather than sensation.

• Low Effort/High Result – I have some serious disability issues that prevent me from being able to do many of the more intensive topping techniques (for instance, I can’t swing a flogger for more than a minute or two). Using the tools and techniques of Needle play, especially sadistic Needle play, I can provide my bottom with a powerful experience with a minimum of physical exertion on my part.

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